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sugardoll ♔


FO banner by:strawberryrin

Sorry, I don't accept random invites, unless I know you irl.
Comment here to be considered.
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sugardoll ♔
20 November 2009 @ 08:52 pm
I'm not really going to leave this journal entirely but....
I've moved to discothequelove a few days ago so. See you there? 8D
Also, I hope you guys won't cut this journal from your lists ;;;

...I'd really prefer if only people I know (like my online friends and RL friends) would add that account. Well, I don't think anyone's interested in my life. LOL Please don't add me for fandom purposes, I barely talk about them anymore ^^; Which is why I'm keeping this account, in case JUMP decides to live again :3
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Music: Lucky Cha Cha Cha- Mini Moni